Why do I study German?

A while ago I made a video in German called “Warum Deutsch Studieren”. It was my uni assignment and a contest for the Goethe-Institut.

I even won some presents! A bag with Goethe-Institut’s logo, a notebook, a German magazine and a some tool for learning irregular verbs. So, I decided to post the video hear as well. Maybe it’ll motivate someone to learn German 🙂

I’ve designed a T-shirt!

I’ve designed a T-shirt! This is one of my outfits from the video I’ve posted recently.

It has the picture that I’ve painted of myself by myself in Photoshop. Yeah, FYI, Photoshop is another hobby of mine 🙂 However I slightly modified it. As you can see I like to wear this T-shirt with the accessories from the picture!

I also was lucky to find a pair of pants that matches that cyan color perfectly.

This is one of my fave summer outfits, you can find more on my YouTube channel!



My YouTube video fail

So, I have a YouTube channel. One thing that I like to make the most is language challenges. Well, obviously. The series is called “Trying to speak different languages”. I have around 10 videos of me speaking languages I’ve never spoken before. My most popular video has almost 80 000 views!

I do know that I’m not very good at all of them, but I think that my last video was when I proper failed. However I liked it because it turned out so funny!

Here it is – “Trying to speak Croatian”!

Inspiration for learning languages

Inspiration is important in everything you do and learning languages as well. It’s what will keep you going.

And today I want to post here something that inspires me to learn Spanish. It’s songs! I love to listen to Spanish songs. I think the language sounds so incredible.

Currently I’m enjoying “Tengo la camisa negra”. It’s not a new song, but I’ve never heard it before. And yeah, Julio Iglesias Jr is so stunning!

Perks of being an introvert

I’m an introvert. And I like it. However sometimes I feel like introverts are underestimated in a modern society. Let me explain myself. Every introvert at least once in his life heard: “You should get out of your comfort zone”, “Do what you’re afraid of”, “Always say yes” and other nasty stuff. But what if my comfort zone is too comfy to leave it 🙂 I don’t see the point of living like an extrovert if I’m not one. Don’t go against your nature. Dogs don’t tell cats that they should bark.

So, instead of wasting your time trying to change ourselves let’s rather use what we’ve got to our advantage!

These are the perks that we possess:

  • We don’t have that burning desire to go somewhere. I don’t understand it, but extroverts hate staying at home. It makes them bored. As an introvert I don’t like leaving the house. With that being said –
  • We’re never bored. I always have something to do both online and offline. We don’t need people to keep us entertained. We find ourselves entertaining enough!
  • We’re good friends. Duh! That’s because we prefer to have few, but close friends. We don’t waste our time on people who don’t deserve it.
  • We’re in fact very interesting to talk too. Too bad extroverts don’t have time to figure that out because they rarely shut up. That was meant to be a joke. Please, forgive me, extraverts! 🙂
  • Creative energy! That’s the best. It is said that introverts generate energy, extroverts consume it. And I literally feel like when I spend time on my own, I get all these amazing ideas and desire to create. For example currently I’m writing a book about learning languages.

So, if you’re an introvert and you feel like less of a person – just stop! You might listen to your extraverted friend and go to that damn party where everyone’s wasted. Or you might actually use that time to create something that will benefit you in a long run. It’s only up to you!


My book details

It’s time for me to give some details about my upcoming book “My keys to nailing any language”

So, The book is obviously still in the process and it has around 40 pages already! Every page has its own topic, but they all are still very coherent. However if you’re interested in something in particular – you can pick the page and read it. The book is full of great tips, tricks, and ideas that come rom my own experience in learning languages.

I don’t want to give too much away, so, here’s just a few topic from my book:

  • My secret to learning any language.
  • The most productive way to learn new words.
  • How to learn if you don’t have much time.
  • How to use social media to your advantage.

These are just 4 out of 40! Follow my blog so that you won’t miss the release!



While my book is still in the process I want to share my YouTube video on similar topic. This video is one of my favorites. I talk about mistakes that even native speakers make in the English language.

The sole purpose of this video is to encourage language learners to speak despite the fear of making mistakes, because everyone makes them, even native speakers!