August, 22. 30 Seconds to Mars releases a new song “Walk on Water”. And my book is finally out!

You can get it here:

Many people want to know another language, but not so many want to actually learn it. And it’s understandable as no one likes studying. But what if I tell you that there is another way? That learning process can be exciting and enjoyable. Simply because you will learn a language doing whatever you like! I believe that you don’t need to be certain age, to live in a certain county, to have certain abilities to learn a foreign language.

I intend to share what I’ve discovered for myself over the years and hope that it’ll help you as well!


I’ve designed a T-shirt!

I’ve designed a T-shirt! This is one of my outfits from the video I’ve posted recently.

It has the picture that I’ve painted of myself by myself in Photoshop. Yeah, FYI, Photoshop is another hobby of mine 🙂 However I slightly modified it. As you can see I like to wear this T-shirt with the accessories from the picture!

I also was lucky to find a pair of pants that matches that cyan color perfectly.

This is one of my fave summer outfits, you can find more on my YouTube channel!